Frank Rostron Suitings

Frank Rostron has been working with some of the finest Italian tailors to create an unrivalled custom suiting service.

Cloth and Linings are sourced from the finest merchants in Italy and the United Kingdom, Loro Piana, Holland & Sherry and Scabal, and. We utilise the traditional heavier English Worsted Cloths for a robust business suit and superfine 170's grade wool and cashmere blends to create the softest of sports jackets.

With an infinite number of permutations you can create a unique garment that, with our staffs experience and expertise, will fit perfectly.

We have worked tirelessly with our in-house tailors to create a classic silhouette. The house style is a 2 button jacket with side vents, cut with a softer shoulder line and neat waist. Our aim is always to create a garment just for you and will always consider what cut would work to compliment your physique.

At Frank Rostron we offer two types of Made to Measure suit, a fully canvassed production which offers a softer and more natural fit alongside a half canvassed production which offers a more structured and robust fit.

If you are considering investing in a custom suit here is how the process works.

Upon your first visit you will meet with a tailor in the shop either Adam, Joshe or Matthew. As your tailor it is important we understand what your needs and expectations are, a conversation over a cup of tea or coffee, about what you're looking for will allow us to suggest fabrics and styles that might work best for you. We will then take initial measurements and your suit will be chalked up and put into production. A fitting will then be scheduled, normally 4 to 6 weeks later. This will then be ready for fitting in preparation for any final adjustments which will all done in house. Once you are completely happy with the garments they are yours to enjoy.